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Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, the Southern Nicoya Peninsula has it all!

Cabo Blanco National Park

Great tour for Nature lovers!  With its unique combination of climate and geographical location, Cabo Blanco ranks among the most beautiful nature reserves in Costa Rica. During this hike, you will witness how a land once dedicated to cattle and agriculture can regenerate into its original forest. Make sure you sharpen your senses when you meet with nature, to discover all its components as you may find different kinds of birds, mammals, bats, insects and trees. Choose from our Short hike of almost 2 hours or the long option of 5.5 hours. Those who are willing to do the long trail, get ready for some physical challenge and some rewarding views!


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Curu Hike

This Exotic and adventurous hike is perfect for eco-tourists and animal lovers.  The privately owned land, boasts a rich and diverse wildlife in five different habitats ranging from marine zones and mangrove swamps, to tropical dry and moist forest, as well as farmland.  This zone encompasses the 200‐meter wide beach area, together with the estuaries and rivers. Visitors are almost guaranteed to see of animals in the wild, for example the reintroduced Scarlet Macaw and Spider monkey, among many other animals. This is what makes this tour an amazing experience!  You will have the chance to select different levels of difficulty among various trails offered.


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Bird Watching

Being in one of the most amazing countries this activity this is a “must take” tour, even if you are not a regular bird watcher.  Mountains, rivers and open areas, as well as low and middle elevations create a unique context where different species of birds make it their year round home or their altitudinal or long distant destiny in their migrations. Enjoy this activity with the company of experienced bird watchers that will show you the best places to identify all the birds and explain some of their relation with the natural environment.  We created 2 different tours, in order to include different landscapes: Option one, takes you to the mountains of Mal País in a private land, that connects its forest with Cabo Blanco National Park, with the benefit of being a couple of hundred meters above sealevel, which will allow you to see species of birds that are not on the coast. On this hike you will be delighted with the stunning views.  Option two, takes you to the low lands, close to important rivers and open areas that will facilitate the search for water birds, raptors and more, you will be amazed with the amount of identified species!


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Tortuga Island Experience – Full Day Tour

Experience one of the best Snorkeling tours that Costa Rica offers.  Be amazed with the amount of colorfull fishes and sealife that you will encounter. Experience a delicious lunch on the white sand beach. This tour is great to enjoy with the whole family. Offering to depart from Mal País or Montezuma. We will pass by the stunning Island of Cabo Blanco, a submerged Volcano, waterfalls on sight and plenty of wildlife on the ride. An experienced guide will be providing all the historical, natural and social information of this amazing area.


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Photography Adventure

This artistic activity, consist on going out on the field to learn and create with your camera.  Photographs will be shot in amazing sceneries that represent the essence of the Peninsula of Nicoya, all explained by an anthropologist and passionate photographer guide.
You can choose from three different locations:
1. The end of land: this option offers pristine scenery where the forest meets the ocean in a place untouched by humans. You will get great landscape photographs of perspectives and backgrounds but also good chances to take macros and great combinations of colors.
2. Fresh water life: on this choice you will be able to witness how the wild life wakes up and start looking for food in one of the most important places, the fresh water. Here you will have a lot of chances to balance the zoom and the composition of the photograph trying to tell the story of what is happening withoutwords.
3. The old Costa Rica: the old Costa Rica will be the preference of photographers that want to capture humans or human presence in one of the most beautiful little towns in the area and discover how people still live a great life where its still kept unaffected by globalization. A high opportunity to capture how people see themselves. A surprise might arrive when the camera captures what the photographer sees as relevant.


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Horseback Riding

What a better way to start off right on the beach!  Experience this amazing Sunset Ride or morning tour on a private 5,000-acre coastal ranch where they have the best-instructed horses of the whole area. This ranch is a family owned and operated property, protecting one of Costa Rica’s most important watersheds including key turtle nesting and the Caletas–Arío National Wildlife Refuge. This tour will take you through stunning scenery of mountains, rivers, wild life, ocean and of course the dazzling sunset riding on a deserted beach. Enjoy every view from your saddle and take a nice break if you wish at a local pub where you can enjoy a nice drink. The good quality and training of the horses make this tour perfect for first timers and experienced riders. Completely unique experience…


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Montezuma Falls Quest

Your visit to the Peninsula is not complete without a visit to the small beach town of Montezuma.  On this half-day tour you will experience swinging from one tree to another on one of the most exciting zip lines in the country. Get a thrill as you are on the treetops and compliment the landscape from a unique perspective. Continue the adventure while riding your ATV through the mountains and riding along white sand beaches. Get to Montezuma to take a short hike to the amazing waterfalls where you can take a nice swim on the natural pools and afterwards savor a Costa Rican lunch in one of the best local restaurants in down town. Walk around town and get some souvenirs from local artisans.


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Coyote Kayak and ATV Adventure

This journey will take you through some of the most beautiful rivers of Costa Rica.  This Half-day tour has it all! Take the ATV and ride towards the small beach town of Coyote, where you will have Kayaks waiting for you to go and explore the wildlife that the Coyote River offers. Relax as you embrace the view from your well-disserved lunch.


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Surf Lessons

We offer a surf program to meet everyone’s needs.  Whether you have never surfed before and always dreamed of learning or if you just want to improve your existing skills, we have the coaching that will enable you to reach your goals. Lessons take place in the morning and afternoon, depending on  the tide and swell conditions. Our instructors will take you to the best possible spot on the beach for you to learn how to surf, and make sure that you do not get into any precarious situations, safety is first! We will build your confidence by giving you the knowledge you need to feel safe and secure in the ocean, teaching you the basics of surfing so you understand what you need to do when you get in the water. Ocean awareness, water safety, wave riding skills, techniques for paddling, standing, falling, dodging and selecting waves along with surfer’s etiquette, stretching and much more.  After we have learned the techniques on land, we move into the ocean for one hour of guided surf instruction. During this time the instructor will push and coach students into waves, tell students what they are doing right, or wrong so they are surfing on their own by the end of the lesson. Surfing is a wonderful sport, experience the joy!


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Yoga, Pilates, and Massages

For those seeking engaged wellness and relaxation.  With beautiful surroundings and a tranquil atmosphere, we offer different kinds of massages and incorporates exercise, balance and wellbeing with daily yoga and Pilates classes.
The instructors are available for scheduled daily sessions, as well as private classes for those who seek to incorporate a healthful practice into their daily lives while in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.
The treatments have been created with 100% Natural products.


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Surf Report

Some of the best and most consistent surf in the world! With a perfectly west facing coastline, the Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area is exposed to all the best swells of the great Pacific Ocean. North, West, or South, there are spots surrounding the entire area for surf from 1-foot up to 15-feet! While the best time for the biggest surf is from May – October, there are waves 365 days a year. No need to plan around the waves, just book your trip and expect to be surfing…


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